Infant Toddler Program

MSOE infant and toddlers range in age from six weeks to three years.  The MSOE Infant/Toddler curriculum maximizes the development of young children in a nurturing, inviting and orderly setting, referred to as the “Prepared Environment”.  Activities lead the child to build sensory motor skills, socialization skills, self-esteem, inner security and habits of concentration.  The goal of the curriculum is to foster independence and focus.

Each learning area is designed to introduce or enhance the following skills:
Language development, Social development, Cognitive skills, Physical development, Independence, Sense of Community, Fine Motor skills, Large Motor skills, Sense of Humor, Creativity, Imagination, Safety, Problem-Solving, Self-Control, Self-Help skills, Manners, Pre-Reading and Reading skills, Pre-writing and writing skills, Eye/Hand coordination, Relationships with Adults and Children, Expression of Feelings, Completion of Task, Care of Materials and Environment, and Sharing.