Preschool Program

MSOE is a unique program because it offers a strong component of Montessori education blended with current best practices in Early Childhood Education.  Montessori Education provides a unique individualized program for children.  Children work independently, with another child, or in a group.  They are given the opportunity and privilege to work alone without interruption.

MSOE also provides elements of the curriculum from the traditional Early Childhood model.  There are times of the day when children participate in role-playing or play in the pretend play area.  This often supports the curriculum “studied” during the Montessori work cycle.  For example: if the children are studying the classification of animals, the dramatic play area might be a zoo.

The Montessori classroom is a beautifully prepared, enriched environment, with child-sized furnishings and materials within reach of even the smallest student. There is a broad range of activities to meet the needs of the children from three to five years old.  The activities and materials allow each child the opportunity to find work suitable for his or her stage of development. All children are allowed to develop at their own pace, and according to their own capacities in a non-competitive and supportive atmosphere.