School Readiness

Primary classrooms (age three to five) are supported by the City of New Haven’s School Readiness Program and follow the policies required by both the State Department of Education and the American Montessori Society (AMS) methodology.

The New Haven School Readiness Program endorses the use of the Connecticut Preschool Curriculum and Assessment Frameworks (PCF/PAF) as the basis for planning learning experiences, observing and documenting child progress, and implementing teaching strategies.  Programs that adopt PCF/PAF must align curriculum with the standards and benchmarks outlined in the PCF/PAF.  The curriculum used by MSOE is based on the American Montessori Society guidelines and aligns with PCF/PAF in most respects.  However, MSOE uses the PCF/PAF standards and benchmarks as a guide to develop lesson plans, observations, and to assess progress.

Primary Special Activities: Spanish, Art, and Music are also incorporated into the aftercare program.